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About Me

I work in licensing services for a local authority and have done for many years.  My front line experience in licensing means that I have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the Licensing Act 2003.

I have crafted my skills as a Principal Licensing Officer, undertaking such tasks as writing the Statement of Licensing Policy, and Terms of Reference for Responsible Authorities Forum.

A wealth of experience in licensing applications, hearings and appeals.  Along with an in-depth knowledge and a flare for mediation. Holding membership of  Institute of Licensing  and British Institute of Innkeeping.

My skills and knowledge base are constantly updated on what is happening in the trade.

I have a sound knowledge of the Local Authority processes, to aid your application, swiftly through.


Services at a glance

  • Extending your hours
  • New Premises Licences
  • Late Night Refreshment [LNR] Takeaways
  • Full Variations
  • Minor Variations
  • Temporary Event Notices (TENs)
  • Name changes
  • Change of Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS)
  • Personal Licence Applications
  • Preparation for and attending Sub Committee Hearings
  • Due diligence ''Health Check'' of your business
  • I am always happy to provide any additional information about my services. FREE         


Rob Edge

Licence Leader Limited

Mobile. 07982917819




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