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My Services

The alcohol premises licence application service I deliver means that all the complexities and legal requirements of starting a licensed premises business are taken care for you.


 I will take some basic information from you at the start and will fulfil the rest of the necessary requirements as an applicant under the Licensing Act 2003 on your behalf. I have gained years of experience of the licensing process and I am highly skilled in this area. My service means that your time will be free to do what you do best – running your business.


Who Needs a Premises Licence
All premises that are used for ‘licensable activities’, such as the supply of alcohol, Late Night Refreshment [Takeaways - LNR] require a premises licence. The relevant Local Authority of the premises is responsible for the granting of premises licences.
To apply for an alcohol premises licence you must:
§    Send completed premises licence application form to the relevant local authority;
§    Send copies of completed application form to other ‘relevant bodies’ [eight in total];
§    Supply a plan of the premises in the prescribed form;
§    Have the consent of someone to act as Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS is the  person who must hold a relevant qualification and either hold a personal licence or agree to apply for one);
§    Applications must be advertised in the local newspaper and at the premises for a set period of time.

If all the necessary steps are complied with and no relevant objections to your application are made, then the council will grant your licence. If ‘relevant’ objections are received then the Local Authority will call a public hearing to discuss your application.


Cost of Premises Licence - Our Fees
We are upfront with you about our costs from the start. 
Alcohol Premises Licence Application Standard Fee - £400 -550*
The standard fee is the price you pay where the Local Authority grant your licence without calling a council hearing. The standard fee includes:
§    Completion of all application forms;
§    Advising on workplace policies that will enable you to meet the Licensing Act 2003 requirements;
§    Advising on preventative measures to reduce the chance of objections being made to your application; meeting the four Licensing Objectives
§    Produce necessary notices for display in your premises and local paper;
§    Liaise with relevant bodies.


Council Licensing SubCommittee Hearing
If the Council is still not prepared to grant your licence, they will call a Council Hearing to decide how they will continue. This is very rare, as the Council will only call a hearing if reasonable objections to your application have been made, and if the objector(s) will not withdraw their objections after you have made changes to your application or taken other steps. We will advise you from the offset of the likeliness of this occurring, and offer support to counter any objections. For an additional fee, we can attend the hearing and represent your business on your behalf.


If you have recently applied for a premises licence on your own and wish to seek our advice, contact me via 07982917819 or to find out more about how I can  help.


*Fees quoted cover our fees only and do not include any third party costs such as the local authority application fee, advertising costs etc

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